Alternative and Renewable Energy

PWC, Inc. has made the educational investment to certify in-house technicians in alternative & renewable energy solutions. This training resulted in immediate on-site wireless facility opportunities with two of the nation’s largest renewable energy companies. Since then, PWC, Inc. has become well versed in the installation & maintenance of hydrogen fuels cells and solar systems. With today’s global environmental concerns, the long-term savings of alternative fuel, and because of the proven efficiency & reliability of renewable energy, wireless carriers are moving away from traditional sources of power. The future will rely upon fewer diesel generators & propane systems in new site builds, coupled with the removal & replacement of such power sources, the installation of hydrogen fuels cells and solar systems will become the preferred energy source. PWC, Inc. understands that this technology is opportunity, so we will continue the quest of enhancing the global environment one installation at a time.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is a reasonably new way to deploy wireless networks. The premise is a shared infrastructure that allows carrier’s networks to expand by adding coverage in areas such as residential neighborhoods, canyons & passes, indoor buildings & facilities, public venues and those regions that are jurisdictionally challenging. DAS solutions compliment traditional network macro sites by filling in coverage gaps with aesthetically pleasing small antenna systems. The real upside to DAS is that it’s not as capital intensive and typically sidesteps significant site development hurdles. Our team has partnered with key neutral host providers to assist in community outreach & education. We have expedited permitting, built fiber backhaul, constructed site nodes and deployed Distributed Antenna Systems. You will not find another contractor with the combination of wireless experience, in-house underground resources, and overall capability of PWC, Inc. We understand the utter importance of DAS now.

Site Acquisition and Zoning

PWC, Inc. has an unmatched knowledge of the local markets we currently operate in. Our local site acquisition professionals in your target markets are assigned to manage site identification and due diligence for your project. PWC, Inc. offers professional experience of existing opportunities and market rent rates. What does this know-how mean to the client? Once your RF team identifies a search ring, we can efficiently identify site candidates within your selected area utilizing tools commonly used in our industry. We apply this knowledge to identify an existing tower or suitable locations for new towers.

PWC can efficiently handle all acquisition activities on your behalf, including but not limited to, title searches, ownership reports, title insurance commitments, and all related jurisdictional requirements through building permit issuance. Our experience in managing such details is sought after by our clients, both carriers and tower companies.

PWC also provides complete zoning management. We actively participate in zoning hearings, are well versed in the local issues that impact zoning decisions, and maintain productive relationships with local jurisdictions. This means we can provide the client with turnkey site development so your time to market is minimized.

Underground Infrastructure Services

PWC, Inc. owns and operates a complete force of underground equipment that allows in-house crews to conventionally trench, directional drill, hydro-vacuum excavate, machine trench, micro trench, plow, and rock saw. We do this safely and efficiently by deploying our underground locating personnel with state-of-the-art locating technology; a ground penetrating radar, line & pipe locater, sewer beacon and an understanding of underground infrastructure assist in making sure the coast is clear when excavating commences.

Actively installing backhaul fiber, multi-utility duct back substructure, right-of-way manholes & vaults, Controlled Environment Vaults (CEV), and the likes has contributed to the premise that PWC, Inc. is the industry leader in the underground services business. Our ultimate goal is to provide these services at competitive rates while maintaining a safe, stable and ethical workplace.

Wireless Services

PWC, Inc. offers a wide range of wireless site development services including site feasibility, site acquisition, architectural, engineering, and permitting.

On the construction side of the house, our highly skilled in-house crews self-perform almost all our work. This includes civil construction, power & telecommunications utility installations, electrical, and all wireless related lines & antenna work for on-air deployment. In addition, we offer on-going monthly and annual maintenance services for carrier’s on-air sites. You will not find another contractor with the combination of wireless experience, in-house underground resources, safety training and overall capability of PWC, Inc.

We understand the urgency of meeting on air dates and strive to do so with zero punch-list job completion walks!