Pacific West Solutions

Alternative and Renewable Energy

PWC, Inc. has made the educational investment to certify in-house technicians in alternative & renewable energy solutions. This training resulted in immediate on-site wireless facility opportunities with two of the nation's largest renewable energy companies. Since then, PWC, Inc. has become well versed in the installation & maintenance of hydrogen fuels cells and solar systems. With today's global environmental concerns, the long-term savings of alternative fuel, and because of the proven efficiency & reliability of renewable energy, wireless carriers are moving away from traditional sources of power. The future will rely upon fewer diesel generators & propane systems in new site builds, coupled with the removal & replacement of such power sources, the installation of hydrogen fuels cells and solar systems will become the preferred energy source. PWC, Inc. understands that this technology is opportunity, so we will continue the quest of enhancing the global environment one installation at a time.

Women Business Enterprise (WBE) pursuant the California Public Utilities Commission